• Central PA ROCKSYLVANIA Race Series Challenges:

    Starting in 2018, the central PA trail running scene will take on a brand new look! 15 different races will team up…breaking away from the old Trophy Series to form the new Rocksylvania Trail Series.

    The series will expand to 15 local races broken down into three divisions based on race distance.

    Division 1 – 10K
    Division 2 – Half Marathon
    Division 3 – 25k

    This will give runners the option of concentrating on distances that are more to their liking. Stay tuned! More details to come concerning prizes and awards for the series.

    Below is a complete list of races. Good luck with your training! Falcon Race Timing will be keep track of all points throughout the series.

    10K Races:
    Night Flight 10K – Saturday, April 7th
    Smith’s Knob Scramble 12K – Saturday, June 16th
    Sproul 10K – July 21st
    Rothrock 10K – August
    Dandelion Run 10K – Saturday, September 1st

    Half Marathon Races:
    Greenwood Furnace Trail Challenge – May 6th
    Chief Wetona Challenges – May 20th
    Hyner Half – August 25th
    Dam Half – Sunday, September 16th
    Raven Trail Half Marathon – October 7th

    25k Races:
    Hyner 25K – April 21st
    Rothrock 25K – June 9th
    Cook Forest 25K – June 23rd
    Eagleton Mine Camp 25K – September 30th
    Call of the Wilds 25K – October 21st

    Other races by friends of the Trailblazers:

    CJ's Resolution Challenge- Saturday, January 6th, 2018 @ 9:00am - CJ’s Resolution Challenge is a three hour event at RB Winter State Park where you can choose your race.  Pick between either RC Revolutions or opt to participate in The Last Man Standing! This is a charity fundraising event that aims to raise money and awareness for two autism related charities.  Check them out on our Beneficiaries page.

    Frozen Snot half marathon trail challenge - Saturday, January 27th, 2018 @ 7:30am - over 5,000 ft of elevation gain in 13.5 miles of the MegaTransect course. ...on the coldest (on average) weekend of the year... in the dead of winter... Have fun! OR take it easy and "only" do the 8.3 mile course.

    Eastern States 100 - Saturday, August 11th, 2018 - A world class wilderness trail experience in one of the most remote sections of the Pennsylvania Wilds. Only the hardiest of runners will complete this circumnavigation of Pine Creek. The largest creek in the United States.  The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. The Iroquois called it Tiadaghton – the River of Pines.  Or is it the Lost or Bewildered River?  After 100 miles of multiple 900 – 1200 foot climbs and equally punishing descents, the second definition will seem appropriate.


    Friends of the MidPenn Trailblazers:


    The PA Trail Dogs have a list of more races HERE

    Allegheny Trailrunners is a running club based in South Central PA that organizes a series of trail races and group runs for all abilities, and advocate for trail development throughout the Alleghenies. The club is open to all levels of athletes who share a common love for being in the outdoors while promoting and preserving our region’s rich beauty and heritage.


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